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Looking for spiritual nourishment? If you cannot join us you can still get connected and continue to grow in your faith.  You can play a sermon and or download the sermon text to follow along.
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DateSermon Text(PDF)Speaker Play
2017-05-14 Jesus is the One and Only Way to the Father! Todd Goldschmidt
2017-04-30 The Resurrected Jesus Makes You Eternally Free! Todd Goldschmidt
2017-03-19 Satisfaction Guaranteed Todd Goldschmidt
2017-03-12 Justification By Faith Alone Really Is A Big Deal! Todd Goldschmidt
2017-03-5 Death Through Adam Life Through Christ Todd Goldschmidt
2017-02-19 We The Church Todd Goldschmidt
2017-02-12 Change We Need to Grow Todd Goldschmidt
2017-02-5 Nothiing Means Everything Todd Goldschmidt
2017-01-29 We Preach Christ Crucified Todd Goldschmidt
2017-01-15 The Church Is What It Is Because It Is Christ’s Church Todd Goldschmidt
2017-01-08 Jesus The Real Contender! Todd Goldschmidt
2017-01-01 Naming Of Jesus Todd Goldschmidt

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